Eminem as revealed the tracklist for his forthcoming album “Revival” on social media this Tuesday, and the album features guest appearances consist of top artists or all genes
1.Ed Sheeran
2. Pink
3. The legendary Alicia Keys
4. Kehlani and a few more others.
With Beyonce on the already released opening track “Walk on Water”, the song carrying enough message to keep everyone one their toes awaiting the full album.

Young Brooklyn rapper Phresher does appear on one track, although he seems an unlikely choice to be the only MC besides Eminem to be featured on the album.
Other guests include X Ambassadors (the Ithaca, New York-spawned rock band who have worked with several rappers in the past) and Skylar Grey.
And also Pink in which i think is returning the favor for Eminem appearing on “Revenge” from her album “Beautiful Trauma” earlier this year.

Revival Tracklisting

1. Walk on Water (featuring Beyoncé)
2. Believe
3. Chloraseptic (featuring Phresher)
4. Untouchable
5. River (featuring Ed Sheeran)ft 6. Remind Me (Intro)
7. Remind Me
8. Revival (Interlude)
9. Like Home (featuring Alicia Keys)
10. Bad Husband (featuring X Ambassadors)
11. Tragic Endings (featuring Skylar Grey)
12. Framed
13. Nowhere Fast (featuring Kehlani)
Heat 15. Offended
16. Need Me (featuring Pink)
17. In Your Head
18. Castle
19. Arose


In an interview with Complex , Phresher gave some insight to his upcoming collaboration with Eminem on the song "Chloraseptic." He said after Eminem heard his track, "Wait A Minute," he reached out to Phresher's camp to get him on the project.
Eminem later flew out to New York City for eight hours, strictly to record the track with Phresher. While there hasn't been much indication of what the album will sound like, Phresher did give some insight to how their collaboration is like.

"Yeah, it’s raw as fuck, man. The emotions is just turnt up. It’s a turnt up record. It’s raw. That’s the perfect word for it. Eminem going off. The hook is just [crazy]. We going off.

It’s at your throat like Chloraseptic," he said, "The record is about just spitting, man. Just going off, you get what I’m saying? Just cutthroat, at your throat music. Like, I’m on you, you know what I’m saying? Real right-at-you music. It’s just awesome, man. Eminem went crazy on it."

Despite the mixed reaction to the album's pop features, the Phresher collaboration definitely seems to be something to look forward to.